1918 Japanese merchants planed to found Shihlin Mill under the name of “Taiwan Paper K.K”.
1919 “Taiwan Paper K.K”, the predecessor of “Shihlin Paper Corporation”, was established. It was the first paperboard mill in Taiwan.
1946 The government took over five paper mills: Shihlin, Lotung, Tatu, Hsin Ying, Hsiaokang from Japanese and merged them into “Taiwan Paper Corporation”, became a state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
1954 By the end of the year, “Taiwan Paper Corporation” was privatized and was renamed as “Taiwan Paper Co., Ltd”. Shihlin Mill was renamed as “Shihlin Mill of Taiwan Paper Co., Ltd”.
1958 “Taiwan Paper Co., Ltd.” was divided into several parts and operated separately. Shihlin Mill was obtained by the private sector.
1959 Shihlin Mill of “Taiwan Paper Co., Ltd.” was operated separately on January 1st and was renamed as “Shihlin Paper Co., Ltd.” with the capital of NTD$27.2 millions and with two paper machines with annual capability of 8,900 tons.
1963 Successful production of the first coated paperboard in Taiwan.
1970 “Yung An Mill” was set up and started to operate in Taoyuan County.
1971 Yung An Mill installed pulping facility to produce straw pulp for the production of Shihlin Mill.
1978 Yung An Mill installed No.1 paper machine which possessed the daily capability of 100 tons.
1984 Yung An Mill installed No.2 paper machine which possessed the daily capability of 220 tons.
1989 Yung An Mill installed No.3 paper machine which possessed the daily capacity of 60 tons.
1990 Established a subsidiary company, Shihlin Environmental Purification Co., Ltd.
A full set of steam-power co-generation equipment with the capacity of power generation up to 11,820KW was installed in Yung An Mill.
1994 The daily capability of No.2 paper machine in Yung An Mill was renovated to 250 tons.
1997 Yung An Mill obtained the ISO 9002 certification.
1998 The biological treatment system of waste water in Yung An Mill was completed and started to operate.
Due to the urban development project of Shihlin Mill, the production center was moved to Yung An Mill.
2000 Yung An Mill installed No.4 paper machine which possessed the daily capability of 50 tons.
2003 To upgrade the processing ability of waste papers, and improve the purification of papers, Yung An Mill added two high-speed cutters to speed up the production.
To improve its competitiveness, the company transferred Shihlin plant and the related lands as well as buildings to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sunshine Shihlin Development Co., Ltd. which engaged in the developments, rentals and sales of residential and office buildings, the rentals of real estates, and the investment projects of public constructions.
2008 Yung An Mill obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2009 Yung An Mill obtained the “Green Mark” of Taiwan and obtained the renewed ISO 9001:2008 certification.
2010 Obtained the international certifications, the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM certification (FSCTM) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).